“This little book is a gift to humanity, which certainly needs it at this time.”
-Jerry Jarrett, Author/Wrestling Promoter

“The dialogue, the imagery, the message is just angelic. I was touched.”
-Vince Russo, Minister, “Ring of Glory”

”This is a work of great insight and understanding. It can be appreciated by anyone on the path, whether they are aware of being there or not.”
-Joseph Portal, Spiritualist

"Last Call Of The Gods" Now Available

bookcoverWhat if one night you were sitting at a bar and suddenly realized the person sitting next to you was Jesus Christ? After the initial shock and awe, what questions would you ask Him? What would his views be on the current affairs of the world? What personal advice might He have for you?

In Last Call of The Gods, a man in search of meaning to life’s great questions quits his job, sells his house and embarks on a cross-country journey of discovery. One night, sitting alone in a small bar in the remote Wyoming wilderness, Jesus suddenly appears – and no one else in the bar seems to notice! Soon they are joined by Muhammad, Moses and Buddha, who are lamenting similar woes over drinks and games of pool.

Provocative, playful, witty and ultimately inspiring, the beautiful messages contained in this story are both timely and timeless. Click To Order "Last Call Of The Gods"


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"Last Call Of The Gods" Sample Chapters
Wednesday, 05 April 2006

Summer 2004

One year ago, life was good. Very good. Or so I thought. An award-winning Creative Director for a renowned global entertainment company, I was esteemed by my peers in the film and television industry. My job paid handsomely. I drove nice cars, lived in a beautiful house in the Connecticut countryside and dined wherever I wished. And I was fortunate to be blessed with a small circle of true friends.

Then I quit my job and walked away from it all. Just like that. Without warning, and with very serious doubts, I turned my back on the world I had created and knew so well. Was I scared? Absolutely. Did I have a clue as to what I wanted to do? Absolutely not! What I knew for certain was that, like many of you, I was suffering from the soul sickness of modern society.

We live in an age where there is premium placed on the material. Our culture emphasizes youth, appearances and possessions. Our house is never big enough; we can always use more money and a new car. Each morning we awake, leap out of bed, and frantically jump right back into the never-ending rat race. Our minds still spin like mice in a wheel when we sleep. If, that is, we can truly sleep. What we lack today is a profound belief system of enduring value like generations past.

"Spirit Of Wrestling" - The Voice Of The Heart
Monday, 03 April 2006

It was on a mountainous highway somewhere between Asheville, NC and Chattanooga, TN that I called him, a windy road flanked by rock and evergreen that never fails to uplift and inspire. I was drifting between a view and a vision, one which needed nurturing, needed support, needed others to help bring to life.

“Are you available for a shoot on this Tuesday?” I posed.

“If it’s late in the day or in the evening,” replied the voice on the other end of the cell phone.

“Busy that day?”

“I am having surgery on my throat in the morning,” he replied.

“Really? Are you going under anesthesia?”

“Yes. For about four hours. But if you need me that night I will be there. Won’t be able to talk, though.”

Won’t be able to talk. Hmmm.


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